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When God calls you to do something, are you willing to be inconvenienced to get it done? Finding purpose is not for those who must have everything appropriately positioned for them to flourish. It's for those who say, "I'm the rose that grew from concrete."


Realizing purpose is an inward search to live the life your innermost being desires. With so much noise and distractions, getting clear on what you genuinely want can take effort.


Nicole gives a candid view of how she began healing areas in her life in her first book in the Shades of You series. She and the co-authors further the process by offering tools, tips, and testimonials to repurpose pain for a higher calling.Shades of You II: Repositioning My Pain, Realizing My Purpose invites you on a self-reflection journey where you'll learn what has been blocking you and free yourself to live the life God designed especially for you.

Shades of You II: Reposition My Pain, Realize My Purpose

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