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It's time to #getNstep! Learn how to get in tune with the life you were promised to live! In the process of writing this book, I learned that I controlled my Shades, the emotions which defined who I was and became clear about my purpose and the person I wanted to become.


The Bible states that if we write the vision and make it plain, revelation awaits in its appointed time; and at the end, the vision for your life will reveal itself, and will not lie. While I am paraphrasing this scripture, these words guided my process of getting back into the person I was destined to become.


You see, I was like Habakkuk, I had exhausted all of my power and my resources, and I had to seek God to figure out His vision for my life. During times where uncertainty almost consumed me, my faith and the Word of God gave me the strength to endure.


As you read my testimony, I want to inspire you to take charge of your life. Parts of my journey may resonate with you more than others. This manuscript is intended to spark emotion, not judgment. It is my intent; you'll be able to create new, positive shades as you are working from the inside out to #SOAR with Help, Hope, and Healing.

Shades of You: An Inspirational Book of Poetry...

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