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The Pink Suitcase Chronicles

The shortest distance between any point is a straight line. When you are walking in divine favor, God will allow you to reroute your GPS until you come into the knowledge of His plan just like he did for Precious Smith. This post is for someone who is waiting on the promises of God to manifest in their life.

In December of 2009, I had a dream that I was getting ready to leave Cape Girardeau, MO, and go back home to Saint Louis. I went to my spiritual mentor at the time Mrs. Judy Nilsen and shared my dream with her. She told me that it was time and that God was going to send me back home to a woman to be groomed and trained in ministry. It was tough for me to accept that I had to leave as I was at a church that taught me how to hear the voice of God, to flow in the anointing, to operate in my gifts, walk in the glory and be sound in the word. Pastor Zack Strong and Diane Adams Strong, I’m forever grateful for the teachings I received under your tutelage.

It was time for me to graduate, and I didn’t know what my occupation would be. I prayed and asked the Father for direction. The next day, I received a phone call from Arsenia Blakemore Tate. She informed me that her director was looking for a passionate, compassionate individual with a heart for God to mentor youth, and she thought of me. I returned to St. Louis that weekend, interviewed, and was offered the job the very next day. I’m honored for you thinking of me, Cindy!

The director at the time, Becky Robinson Stokesbary, allowed me to graduate and told me that I could start working at the top of the year. In 2010, I moved home to Saint Louis and received a phone call from Mrs. Nilsen. She told me that God told her to send me a graduation gift. Before we hung up, Mrs. Nilsen asked my favorite color? I responded pink. She said, wow, the Lord is good! When her gift arrived in the mail, I couldn’t tell me what it was, at first. The package was a pink suitcase!! I called her and went half crazy! She explained that the Father showed her that I would be traveling doing ministry.

The next day, my friend D'Shay Westbrook and I was on our way to the Christian book store to buy a book. While in the bookstore, I was led to a shelf where I picked up a book titled Answering the Call of God: The Greater Yes by Pamela K Dillon. I glanced through the book and put it back on the shelf. Two weeks later, I ended up at her house. My best friend Kimberly Shields was good friends with Kristy Danielle, and she invited us to Monday night prayer. I walked into the house and saw the cover of the book on the wall in poster form- Steps ordered! Divine confirmation! I joined the ministry and later called Mrs. Nilsen and told her that I found the woman she spoke of. I was active in the Ministry for a little over a year.

Fast forward, I went through a crazy storm in 2012-2014. I got married and then ended up getting a divorce. I was hurt and broken for a long time. I spent 2015-2017 healing, forgiving, and becoming whole!

Operating in Favor: Precious is teaching others to SOAR.

In 2017, I dreamed about a book, the title, and all of the details. In 45 days, the book was written. I picked up my pink suitcase a couple of years ago and started traveling! I began spreading the message of hope, love, forgiveness, and restoration at my first speaking engagement at the Residence Inn. In a room filled with amazing women, I shared my journey! Vesta Greenes' mother believed in the message in my heart and watched me heal. She said Precious, it’s time to share! I was ready! I wasn’t bitter anymore! I fully accepted my pain and what God has in store for me. God showed me what he planned for my life in 2009 is being fulfilled, today.

TOTD: You never know what you have to go through in your journey! Embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly! I’m thankful for everyone that had an ear to hear! Those who have spoken into my life and have shown me the way in God! I’ve accepted every part of my journey! My pink suitcase is a reminder of the promises and the goodness of God, and it’s packed with his promises, hope, help, strength, and for everyone waiting on God!

Hear more of Precious' story on Saturday, October 19:

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