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It's Time2SOAR!

When you question His favor in your life, think back to the evidence, materials of truth. God keeps your family safe from seeing and unseen danger, made the impossible possible, and He’s opened doors that you thought you were not qualified to enter had you received your just desserts. Be not swayed or become envious by what others showcase to the world because you do not know what it took to obtain those things. Social Media is a testament to this; everyone wants to highlight all of the positives or wins in their lives. However, if they only knew how much more we could learn if they were honest about their struggles. The Word of God says that we overcome by the words of their testimonies for it bears witness to God’s power. Lastly, do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. When one sows to please himself, he will reap destruction. Keep sowing seeds in good ground. Sow seeds within the earth to please God, so that your harvest will be greater, and you will reap bountifully.

Walking in Divine Favor, A Book of Inspiration provides relevant introspective evidence from others who has experienced God’s favor. It is designed to conjure a daily moment of cathartic self-expression and powerful manifestation of Hope and Healing. Through examples and testimonies of great faith, contributors share how their lives would have turned out differently if it were not for God's unmerited favor upon their lives. May this book guide you through times of uncertainty, bring clarity to your situation, and wholeness as you become transparent about your experiences. Take it from me, God’s grace and mercy is sufficient. He knows all about each situation we face and the plans He has for our lives. I have made my fair share of mistakes in life. When I set out on a journey to cover old wounds in order to move in a positive direction, God freed me from my chains and gave me wings to SOAR! It’s time to GetNstep!

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