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Understanding Restoration with Andrea Walker Carson

When it comes to God's grace and mercy, Andrea Walker Carson learned a valuable lesson when her life changed on mile-marker 46. Read an excerpt from what she shares in Walking in Divine Favor: A Book of Inspiration.

I was traveling on a beautiful sun-drenched Saturday with my family. We were on a stretch of highway in Ohio, enjoying the scenery; unknowingly, our lives would become altered forever. What was to have been an exciting time turned into a nightmare that taught me what darkness really looked like. We had just dropped off our oldest daughter for her freshman year at the same university from which her dad graduated. She was settling into her dorm room as my husband, our youngest daughter, and I returned to our home, 117 miles up the road. Who knew as we listened to Keith Sweat begging on the radio that would be our last time teasing my husband about anything else?

Seconds later, as I drove into the congested construction area, I remember thinking, this is a great day. Mile-marker 46 changed the life we knew, forever. As the life flight helicopter flew overhead, medics were trying to cut me from the seat in our SUV that flipped over several times, before landing in the grassy knoll, leaving me hanging upside down. My daughter was able to free herself from the wreckage. She suffered some scrapes and burns, but she walked away without major harm. Where was her dad? I tried to speak, but words didn’t come out. Finally, I asked, “Where’s my husband? Is he okay? Is anyone else hurt?”. The trooper at the scene looked me in my eyes, and I knew, I knew the news was not good.

Learning the lesson.

Loving myself wasn’t easy at first. I had to dispel and remove all the negative seeds that I planted over the years. Being at the lowest ebb of my existence, sometimes not being able to look at myself in a mirror or even being able to stand hearing my name called. Why had all this happened to us, to me?

HerStory Prayer:

Dear Lord,

Thank you, Lord, for everything I have and for all that lies in store for me. As I take inventory and look back over my life, I realize that You are amazing! You have saved me in so many ways; snatched me from death’s grip and rescued me when there was no way out.

Lord, You strengthened me when my knees were weak, and my body was tired. When I had sunk into the most bottomless pit of depression, self-loathing, and despair, You gave me my joy back and peace of mind.

I am so blessed with so many things that remind me of your love, and I am grateful! Thank You for a loving and supportive family, and an opportunity to be of service to those in need. As I continuously strive to reflect Your goodness in the way I live, my prayer is that you are pleased and find me worthy of all You do for me.


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