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The Shades of You Series began with Nicole's first book, Shades of You: From Hot Butterscotch to Crayola Brown, A Book of Poetry for Women of Color. The SOAR platform was unveiled at the 2017 Black America Expo in Columbus, OH, on October 13 and 14. In 2018, Nicole's desire to continue to change lives evolved into the SOARING with Help, Hope and Healing conference tours. In 2022, Get N Step with Nicole TV and Radio was launched throughout the United States, Asia and Africa. Each outlet within the series offer Help and give others Hope through guests and experts sharing personal stories and resources to support one another in the Healing process. 

Overarching Mission: Each of us has a story to tell that may save a life. So let's avail ourselves and share our vulnerabilities. As we create breakthroughs in all areas of our lives, we must help others to push past their limitations. Together, we can transform, rewrite our stories, and change the trajectory of our destinies. YOU are what someone has been looking for to SOAR!

No matter the time of day
Anytime is a great time to SOAR!

SOARING with Help, Hope, and Healing celebrated its fourth anniversary on August 6, 2022. The occasion was a day of inspiration and motivation that provided the tools attendees needed as they navigated life's journey post-pandemic. Each guest wore their favorite positive T-shirt message to spread Positivi-Tee. Nicole was ecstatic about sharing joy with those who have supported the platform since its inception on August 4, 2018. The power-packed day of networking, dining, and celebrating was memorable. 

Special thanks to our expert speakers who dealt with pertinent issues that impact women and the family structure, spiritually and emotionally.

Nicole aimed to ensure the following Awardees were honored and highlighted for their hard work and service to the SOAR platform and our communities. Each honoree has demonstrated excellence in making the world better​. Those who are called to serve do so with the support of their family understanding that the charge requires a lot of time away from them. With this understanding, both parties realize it doesn't lessen their duties at home; rather their duties to God is foremost. Together, it works. This year's Honorees include:

  • Healing: Overseer Renea E. Collins was nominated by a community member whose life was touched by Overseer Collins' servitude during a difficult time in her life. The nominee felt that Overseer Collins went above and beyond the call of duty. A pastor's job isn't easy, and it speaks volumes when others see what you are doing and want to say thank you publicly. Overseer Collins is known for taking time out of her day to support individuals in their healing process. Apostle, Leader and Pastor of Kingdom Grace Fellowship Church are just a few of her roles. Thank you for displaying love and concern for the well-being of your community and supporting others through every aspect of their lives.​

  • Terica Brown (Eric Crutcher accepted the award on behalf of his mother.) was the first person that believed in what I wanted to do with this platform. When Fibromyalgia attacked my limbs, I was unable to walk. Every day, Terica would come over to my house to do whatever was needed to relieve my husband, Antwan. Affectionately known as Sweetpea, Terica was known for bringing people together using her love of cooking. Although, she had her own health challenges, that didn't stop Sweetpea from sharing her faith or her story of God being a healer. Her favorite scripture was Ephesians 6:11, Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. Terica supported every aspect of Nstep Promotions until she was called home to glory on October 9, 2022.

  • Help: Elder Linda Bond (Elder Willie S. Bond accepted on behalf of his wife.) served as chaplain until God called her from labor to reward on April 8, 2022. Elder Linda taught me to protect my heart because she had the wisdom to know that from it flowed life. Elder Linda Bond served so many throughout her life. It was befitting to recognize her efforts within her church, where she was a very active member and served as her Bishop’s First Assistant, Director of the Well Women’s Ministry, Sunday School Teacher and Bible Study Teacher. Linda was a part of the Choir and Praise Team. She also assisted with the Christmas and Thanksgiving basket giveaways and other ministries. Before passing, Linda was pursuing her degree at The Bradley Institute and served as an Administrator. Elder Linda was an author of Pearls of Wisdom, where she shared the importance of understanding who you are in Christ and as an individual. 

  • Mother Rosa Perkins and Elder Willie Perkins' recognition is personal because they are my godparents. For as far back as I can remember, they have supported whatever the task called for and wherever there was a need. Whether accomplishing the task separately or together, they find a way to help those in need as they work in the vineyard to uplift the kingdom. But, the Perkins wasn't honored because they're my godparents. Instead, Mother Rosa and Elder Perkins received honors for over 50 years of dedication within their church, community and schools, selfless acts and benevolence for the citizens of Mansfield, OH and abroad. Elder Perkins was Heaven Sent on July 31, 1942 – Heaven Bound on October 15, 2020. Mother Perkins continues to volunteer and serve in various capacities.

Congratulations, Honorees!

2022 Honorees


Community Sponsors:

Special appreciation goes to our organization’s most significant and consistent Community Sponsors, who help us make our events possible. Thank you for supporting the mission and vision of SOARING with Help, Hope, and Healing. As a community sponsor, your contribution is vital to continue our important work. We cannot succeed without the generosity of supporters like you.

We SOAR, together!

Thanks to everyone who has supported our platform. 
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