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LewRhon Smith, Wacella Smith, LewShana Smith, Ebony McIntosh, and the community's support Antwan and I produced pageants that showcased African-American young ladies from ages 8-18. We awarded winners with scholarships and savings bonds until I relocated. When I came up with the idea to produce these pageants, my personal mission was to influence each participant to not only see their outward beauty but also the beauty they possessed on the inside. Additionally, I wanted to show that there was more to life than what they saw. With the communities' help, I was able to leave an indelible mark in each of their lives. Many of them have gone on to do amazing things.

Nstep Promotions

Address: PO Box 248805
Columbus, OH 43224-8805
Phone: (614) 504-9032  

Nstep, Nicole's Social, Talent, and Event Planning, is my mantra as well as my business' name. This opportunity initially presented itself as a means to help the young men and women of Steubenville, OH. My husband's and my first collaboration was with the Urban Mission's ASAP (Abstaining from Sex and Preventing Pregnancy) Program. Along with Neighborhood Community Director, Sharon Kirtdoll and her daughter, Angela Kirtdoll, we created outlets and other events for young people to escape the societal issues of living in Appalachia and healthily express themselves.

From these efforts came the Miss Black Teen Ohio Valley Pageants. With a small staff, 

MISSION STATEMENT: Empower. Equip. Lead. 

To empower women and young ladies to live determined, inspired, victorious, accomplished lives through self-development, mentoring, networking, and community service.

VISION STATEMENT: Engage. Edify. Elevate.

A platform for African-American young ladies and women to engage, edify, and elevate one another as we become the best version of ourselves. Our vision is to create a network whereby each of us will use our unique gifts and talents in every aspect of life. ​​


Creating an environment in which our clients, customers, investors, and partners feel heard, respected, safe, and supported.

My platform and journey is a testament to the power, vision, and commitment of those who caught hold to the concept that service is most important above oneself. At its core, service is what we give in honor of the blessings we receive. As the visionary, I believe that healing is on-going,  and this is precisely the fuel that drives her to provide Help, Hope, and Healing to others. Celebrating Our Past as we strive toward Our Future is what I hold dear.


As the Inspirational Cheerleader, Nicole feels compelled to leave society better than she found it with events that spark Hope to give Help towards Healing.​ Her conferences and networking events convey what is possible if each of us provides the same love and respect we expect. Every day people are asked to share their stories; speakers who desire to help you unmute your voice as they show you how they gave a voice to their hurt. Attendees are asked to be open, receptive, and view a panoramic of themselves. With support, they can move beyond what they felt they couldn't accomplish to build up the next person.


"No one can withdraw lessons from the past if we are not willing to deposit insight from its teachings to humankind."

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