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Supporting Small Businesses

 Tiana S. Lee

 Miss Tiana S. Lee is a business owner who resides in Columbus, OH.  She is the perfect mix of dreamer and doer. Tiana is an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics and a Stylus with Color Street, a company that offers a vast array of nail colors and artful designs.

Tiana is a motivational speaker and a mother who empowers young ladies to honor who they are inside and out, unapologetically. We are spotlighting her businesses, inviting you to book a party, joining her team, and making a purchase on her websites.

Click here to be redirected to her sites.

Mary Kay: www.marykay.com/tianaslee  

Color Street: www.colorstreet.com/tianaslee

Book her to speak at your upcoming event at (216) 314-9326.

Please support our efforts and shop with this small business owner.


It's Time For A P.E.P (Personal Execution Plan) Talk!


Learn To Thrive Rather Than Survive During These Unprecedented Times!

  • Unlock Secrets That Will Allow You To Achieve Any Goal You Have In Business and Life

  • Learn How To Shift Your MINDSET And Approach Your Challenges Differently 

  • Learn How to Positively Turn Your Current State Of Being Into Your Greatest Elevation As You PUSH ROUGH To Achieve Your Goals 

We're Getting Things Done In 2021!


Check out another video from this year's

P.E.P (Personal Execution Plan) Talk Series

It time to WIN! This means each of us must focus on What's Important Now in our lives.  Special thanks to Anita Lindsay and Attorney Tanikka C. Price for sharing valuable tools and tips to Help us, give us Hope, and support us in the areas that need Healing. #SOAR

Stay tuned for April's PEP Talk!

We will discuss how to raise adult children.

Embrace and Elevate Black Men

Bring awareness about Autism.


Happy International Women's Month!

Sisters, we recognize your gifts, talents, worth, and many contributions to our world. We salute you for never giving up from every corner of the globe but showing up with grace and style.

Open Call for Women Authors

April 2021 Nominations 

Online event. Here are the details.

We want to celebrate your accomplishments! Open to African-American Women Independent (self-published) Authors or Work released by a hybrid publisher. The first Midwest Indie Author's Fest is a literary award recognizing self-published and independently published women authors residing in Ohio.


Entries and nominations are limited to original, independently published work where the Author retains full rights. Works under a publishing contract with a major publisher are ineligible.

The MIA (Midwest Indie Author) Award™  will be judged based on varied genres of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and,  illustrated children's books.​

  • Self-nominations are acceptable.

  • Work must have copyright and valid release date information.

  • Work must be available on credible retailer sites and/or the Author's website.

  • For book collaborations/anthologies, the entry must be submitted to the primary author (visionary).

  • One title per Author Entry/Nomination.

  • All entries must be received by April 28, 2021. Winners will be announced during the LIVE online event.

  • Mail one copy of the book that is being nominated to Nstep Promotions, PO Box 248805, Columbus, OH 43224.

Iyengar Class


Frontline Workers 

Thank you to workers on the front line in any capacity who committed to showing up in their roles every day.

To doctors and medical staff, we acknowledge your efforts for keeping our nation running while healing those impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Each of your efforts is truly the most selfless acts of kindness.

You are appreciated.

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