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No matter the time of day, it's a great time to SOAR!

Don't look down; it's an impossible view. Instead, fly high like an eagle and allow the stormy winds to propel you.

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3-Year Kingdom Image Awards' Nominee

The Kingdom Image Awards aims to honor artists and promote unity in the Christian community. Kingdom Image Awards will assist in eliminating denominational barriers and reduce the misunderstandings created by Christian traditions. Kingdom Image Awards' mission is to recognize the work and musical contribution of those given to their local community.

The Kingdom Image Awards provide a positive national platform for artists and allow the opportunity for networking, collaboration, and support. 

Unleash the power of sharing your unique truth! Your stories can ignite resilience, inspiring others to overcome challenges. Sharing transformative narratives, especially addressing tough subjects, has the potential to guide someone through similar struggles. By revealing your truth, you showcase unparalleled resilience.

This is your invitation to offer hope and contribute to global healing. Redirect your focus and share your purpose, message, or expertise with the countless people worldwide in need.

This movement is tailor-made for you. Join us in changing lives globally by sharing your story and making a positive impact!

It's Time to be heard!


Are You Ready to SOAR in 2024?

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Get N Step with Nicole!

It's time to W.I.N as we focus on What's Important Now in our lives. We all have been through tough times, but you must remember that trouble doesn't last. Using what you've been through can encourage others to #getNstep and #SOAR! Being a guest on the Get N Step with Nicole Show will allow you to highlight your platform as you provide help, evoke Hope, and support those you are called to serve in the areas that need Healing. 

Contact our office to schedule a time to be a part of show at 614-831-1908.

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Share Your Story and Reach Your Audience!

Watch as our guests share their testimonies on the Get N Step with Nicole Show.  May each fuel your journey and encourage you, leave you refreshed, inspired, and ready to impact your community. 'We are overcome by the words of our testimonies, and it's time for you to change lives with yours. 

Watch And Glean From Each Guest:

  • Positively Turn Your Current State Of Being Into Your Family's Greatest Elevation In Any Situation

  • How To Achieve Any Goal You Have In Business and In Life

  • Learn How To Shift Your MINDSET And Approach Your Challenges Differently

Be Featured on the Show! To Show Appreciation for Your Support,

Your Name will appear in the Closing Credits each week on the show.

How to View the Get N Step with Nicole Show

Watch the show every Thursday at 5:30 PM on The Daily Gospel Network, Sundays at 6:30 PM on Kingdom Purpose TV, or listen to the recap on the radio on Mondays at 7:00 PM. You can also catch up on any missed episodes on our Youtube Channel, Get N Step with Nicole Horston.

Choose Your Viewing Platform:


  1. Search for The Daily Gospel Network and Kingdom Purpose TV streaming channels.

  2. Download both apps to your television.

  3. Tune in at the designated times to view the program.

Amazon Fire/Firestick:

Search for the apps, The Daily Gospel Network and Kingdom Purpose TV.

Apple TV: Download the free apps – The Daily Gospel Network and Kingdom Purpose TV.

Use our Contact Us form on the Home Page if you'd like to:

  • Advertise your business on the show

  • Be a guest on the show

  • Provide feedback or ask for Prayer 

  • Receive information about a guest that appeared on the show

  • Support the show

Open Call for Women Authors 2024 Nomination

Nominate your favorite Indie/Self-published Author in Ohio! Here are the details.

We want to celebrate and highlight the accomplishments of African-American Women Authors who self-published their books, journals or written Work. We are opening this process now and will host an in-person event in Spring 2024. Nominations are open to African-American Women Independent (self-published) Authors or Work released by a hybrid publisher.

Entries and nominations are limited to original, independently published Work where the Author retains full rights of their Work or ownership of their story in a collaborative project (i.e., anthology). Works under a publishing contract with a major publisher are ineligible.


The MIA (Midwest Indie Author) Award™  will be judged based on varied genres of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and age-appropriate children's books.​

  • Self-nominations are acceptable.

  • Work must have copyright and valid release date information.

  • Work must be available on credible retailer sites, the Author's website, or the National Registry.

  • The entry must be submitted for book collaborations/anthologies, nominating the primary Author (visionary) unless the project participant maintains ownership of their story.

  • One book title per Author Entry or Nomination per person. You can nominate as many authors as you like, but it has to be per book title to be a valid entry. For example, your favorite Author may have several published books. However, you can only nominate one of those titles for the contest.

  • NSTEP Promotions must receive all entries by April 28, 2024. If your entry is postmarked on April 28, this is permissible. We are not responsible for the Post Office's Delivery Schedule. Judges will review all entries received.

  • Winners will be announced on May 21, 2024, and the Author will receive a Notice via email or U.S. Mail.

  • Mail one copy of the Work being nominated to Nstep Promotions, PO Box 248805, Columbus, OH 43224.

  • If you are nominating someone, please submit all of the Author's information, including their email address, so we may contact them before the deadline to submit their Work.

Nominate Your Favorite Woman Author Today!

Iyengar Class

 Our World is better because of YOU!

People make the world go round! Thank you to workers in public agencies, private sectors and nonprofit and for-profit organizations who continue to assist families in getting back on their feet after such a devastating time the past two years have caused. We are especially thankful to essential service workers. Each day, you're met with stressful circumstances and situations, but continue to serve and show up with a smile. Showing up in your roles every day is an unparalleled commitment. Your efforts do not go unnoticed.

Doctors and medical staff, we continue to acknowledge your efforts in keeping our nation running while healing those impacted by the effects of the pandemic and post pandemic.


Thank you, Head of Households, for not giving up! Putting the pieces back together again isn't easy, but you remain resilient, which speaks volumes.

You rock!

Each contribution and dedicated effort made daily is genuinely the most selfless act of kindness and love for humanity.

Continue to be encouraged! YOU are appreciated!

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