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2022 Kingdom Image Awards Nominee

The purpose of the Kingdom Image Awards is to honor artists and promote unity in the Christian community. Kingdom Image Awards will assist in eliminating denominational barriers and reduce the misunderstandings created by Christian traditions. Kingdom Image Awards' mission is to recognize the work and musical contribution of those given to their local community. The Kingdom Image Awards provide a positive national platform for artists and allow the opportunity for network, collaboration and support. 

Kingdom Image Awards
The Kingdom Image Awards is held annually in the fall, celebrating the work and diversity of all inspiring performing artists. They are recognizing over 18 performing genres, three honorees and community engagement. KIA is a celebration of community work and diversity of all inspiring performing arts, recognizing the work of independent artists, businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers. To date, the organization has hosted eight celebrations, bringing close to 2,000 attendees and 75 performing artists with three days of live performances and concerts from BIPOC (Black and Indigenous People of Color) featuring community talent showcases, spoken word poetry, hip hop, instrumental sets, a cappella singing, dramatic presentations, and comedy. The Kingdom Image Awards radically alters the delivery of an art experience about the types of genres that invite participation by audiences of color. KIA's disruptively innovative program opens new horizons for historically marginalized communities and guides them to a greater degree of confidence in their artistic sensibilities and expressive capabilities.

It's Time For A P.E.P (Personal Execution Plan) Talk!


Learn To Thrive Rather Than Survive During These Unprecedented Times!

  • Unlock Secrets That Will Allow You To Achieve Any Goal You Have In Business and Life

  • Learn How To Shift Your MINDSET And Approach Your Challenges Differently 

  • Learn How to Positively Turn Your Current State Of Being Into Your Greatest Elevation As You PUSH ROUGH To Achieve Your Goals 

It's time to WIN as we focus on What's Important Now in our lives. Special thanks to Elder Ronald Turner for inviting me to share my story during this two-part series as I aspire to Help you, evoke Hope, and support you in the areas that need Healing, letting you know you are not alone. We all have been through tough times, but trouble doesn't last always.   My mission is to encourage you to #getNstep and #SOAR!

Stay tuned for more PEP Talk events as we help you get through 2022!

April is Minority Health Month!
April is National Minority Health Month (NMHM), a time to raise awareness about health disparities that continue to affect people from racial and ethnic minority groups and encourage action through health education, early detection, and control of disease complications.


The origin of National Minority Health Month is in the 1915 establishment of the National Negro Health Week by Booker T. Washington. In 2002, National Minority Health Month received support from the U.S. Congress with a concurrent resolution (H. Con. Res. 388) that "a National Minority Health and Health Disparities Month should be established to promote educational efforts on the health problems currently facing minorities and other health disparity populations."


The resolution encouraged "all health organizations and Americans to conduct appropriate programs and activities to promote healthfulness in minority and other health disparity communities." In April 2001, the National Minority Health Month Foundation launched National Minority Health Month in response to Healthy People 2010, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' health promotion and disease-prevention initiative.


This year's National Minority Health Month theme is Give your community a boost, and OMH is highlighting the efforts of its partners who are hosting events aimed at raising awareness about the importance of improving the health of racial and ethnic minorities and American Indian and Alaska Native communities and reducing health disparities.


Give Your Community a Boost by attending the many events throughout the U.S. in April found on:

Open Call for Women Authors

2022 Nominations 

Nominate your favorite Indie/Self-published Author, Ohio! Here are the details.

We want to celebrate your accomplishments! Therefore, we are opening this process again and will host an in-person event this year. Open to African-American Women Independent (self-published) Authors or Work released by a hybrid publisher. The first Midwest Indie Author's Fest is a literary award recognizing self-published and independently published women authors residing in Ohio.


Entries and nominations are limited to original, independently published work where the Author retains full rights of their work or ownership of their story in a collaborative project (i.e., anthology). Works under a publishing contract with a major publisher are ineligible.

The MIA (Midwest Indie Author) Award™  will be judged based on varied genres of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and illustrated children's books.​

  • Self-nominations are acceptable.

  • Work must have copyright and valid release date information.

  • Work must be available on credible retailer sites and/or on the Author's personal website.

  • For book collaborations/anthologies, the entry must be submitted, nominating the primary Author (visionary) unless the participant of the project maintains ownership of their story.

  • One title per Author Entry/Nomination.

  • NSTEP Promotions must receive all entries by April 28, 2022. Winners will be announced during the LIVE online event.

  • Mail one copy of the book nominated to Nstep Promotions, PO Box 248805, Columbus, OH 43224.

  • If you are nominating someone, please submit all of the Author's information, including their email address so that we may make contact with them before the deadline.

Iyengar Class

Our world is better because of YOU! 
Thank you to government agencies for assisting families, and helping with essential services to get them back on their feet after such a devastating time. You're met with stressful circumstances and situations, but continue to serve.


Thank you, workers and businesses who commit to showing up in their roles every day.

Doctors and medical staff, we acknowledge your efforts in keeping our nation running while healing those impacted by the effects of the pandemic.


Thank you, Head of Households, for not giving up! Putting the pieces back together again isn't easy, but you remain resilient, which speaks volumes. You rock!

Each contribution and dedicated effort made daily is genuinely the most selfless act of kindness and love for humanity.

Be encouraged! YOU are appreciated!

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National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities

The National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD) invests in research and fosters collaborations and partnerships to promote and support evidence-based science to inform practice and policy. Its programs and initiatives provide a leading edge in enhancing the scientific knowledge base and designing interventions to improve health outcomes to reduce and ultimately lead to the elimination of health disparities.

Through NIMHD's leadership, health disparities have become a recognized scientific field of study, from documenting and investigating differences in health status and risk factors among affected populations to addressing health disparities using traditional and non-traditional research approaches. 

Visit NIMHD's website to find information in Eglish and Spanish:

  Click on to be redirected.