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2022 Kingdom Image Awards Nominee

The purpose of the Kingdom Image Awards is to honor artists and promote unity in the Christian community. Kingdom Image Awards will assist in eliminating denominational barriers and reduce the misunderstandings created by Christian traditions. Kingdom Image Awards' mission is to recognize the work and musical contribution of those given to their local community. The Kingdom Image Awards provide a positive national platform for artists and allow the opportunity for network, collaboration and support. 

Support Small Businesses in 2023!

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a special time of year where the world joins humanity and generosity. Since its inception in 2012, this unique event inspires hundreds of millions of people to give, collaborate, and celebrate being of service to others. Making someone smile, helping a neighbor, advocating for an issue, or giving some of what we have to those who need our help- every act of generosity counts, and everyone has something to give no matter how large or small. Philanthropy comes in many forms. Volunteering your time, donating financially or giving gifts- there are no bounds of generosity.

When you purchase products in the shopping area, half of your investment will go towards offsetting the cost of our conferences and events for those who cannot afford to attend without the support of our scholarship.


While the nationally themed day of giving may be over, we are celebrating this theme every Tuesday in 2023.

Black Friday

Many businesses were hit hard during the pandemic and are still trying to regain footing. Women, you are typically the most significant decision makers for purchases within your homes. With rising costs, every consumer tries to find the most incredible deals to save money as you spend your hard-earned dollars. So why not support a small business owner who dared to live their dreams like the big box companies out loud but is missing the secret sauce- support from someone like you? Here's an idea: Support an entrepreneur every Friday throughout year.

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Small Business Saturday

COVID hit many businesses hard especially entrepreneurs. Let's make every Saturday throughout the year, a not-so-little day of shopping.  While spending time with your family, take time to shop local entrepreneurs and small businesses around the globe!  There are lots of great products produced and manufactured by companies that aren't well-known (yet) and they would love to see you supporting their establishments. Make an impact in a BIG way on every budget!

Cyber Monday

While the “Cyber” in the Cyber Monday Sale implies online deals, it can also be a helpful reminder to check out your favorite small businesses. With a tap of your finger on the online shopping cart, you can change the life of a budding entrepreneur by cashing out your order every Monday.

Community Collaborations for Change!

Support the SOARING With Help, Hope And Healing Platform

The S.O.A.R platform is a federally recognized nonprofit organization that serves as a hub for many of our personal development events. Here's some examples how we help communities and its citizens to become better:

  • SOARING with Help, Hope and Healing conferences which provides a voice to women throughout the U.S. as well as highlight issues that impact families. We do this through education and resources using trained professionals, storytelling, community building and creating safe spaces for dialogue.

  • Nstep Promotion's mission is to build, strengthen, and empower thought leaders, small businesses, speakers, and the next generation of self-published authors focusing on the marginalized populations. We do this through promoting, networking and creating other events to bridge the gap between government, grassroots organizations, and citizens in underserved communities.

  • During COVID, NStep Promotions hosted a series of online PEP Talks to assist families and individuals to uplift their mindset as they personally executed life plans. This series included professionals from around the globe that collaborated to help one another learn to thrive rather than survive these unprecedented times.

  • On May 19, 2022, we have launched Get N Step with Nicole Television and Radio to broaden our reach in the United States, Asia and Africa as we continue to spread inspiration through stories of people who have overcome obstacles and unsurmountable odds.

We're here to change lives!

As we strive to build a better world with your help. As we look to the future and set our sights on connecting people to life-changing opportunities, we are energized by the possibilities of leaving our world better than we found it for generations to come. With your donation and support, we can continue to approach that work with hope, ambition, and humility. We SOAR, together!

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No upcoming events at the moment

Get N Step with Nicole!

It's time to W.I.N as we focus on What's Important Now in our lives. As a guest of Elder Ronald Turner, I shared my story during this two-part series to Help you, evoke Hope, and support you in the areas that need Healing. You are not alone! We all have been through tough times, but you must remember that trouble doesn't last always. Using what I've been through, my mission is to encourage you to #getNstep and #SOAR!

Watch And Glean From Each Guest:

  • Positively Turn Your Current State Of Being Into Your Family's Greatest Elevation In Any Situation

  • How To Achieve Any Goal You Have In Business and In Life

  • Learn How To Shift Your MINDSET And Approach Your Challenges Differently

Be Featured on the Show! To Show Appreciation for Your Support,

Your Name will appear in the Closing Credits each week on the show.