Nicole Brown-Horston is the Cheerleader Inspirator who has inspired others through her SOARING with Help, Hope, and Healing platform. Horston is also the founder of Nstep Promotions (Nicole's Social, Talent, and Event Planning,  a promoting business that caters to and supports budding entrepreneurs. Along with being the Director of BWN-Ohio (Black Women Networking in Ohio), a non-profit organization that promotes sisterly relations, Horston uses her platform to help others SOAR. She continues to display her love of rooting people on and encouraging them to be better in every aspect of their life by bringing out their best qualities.


Nicole supports businesses, organizations, and the personal accomplishments and growth of individuals who desire to SOAR after life-altering events. She cheers for those who utilize their faith to change their life and the world around them. May her experiences ignite a spark within you to elevate your interests and passions to a higher level.

Making a Difference. Changing Lives!

MAKING A MUCH BIGGER IMPACT in the lives of others all boils down to your ability to share your story as you're doing what you love. 

SOARING with Help, Hope, and Healing Online November 16, 2019, at 8 PM (est) on Facebook LIVE 

Author's Edition

Suffice it to say that we wear so many hats and juggle so many roles daily, and we seldom have time to take care of ourselves and refuel. The goal of this online conference is to make you feel extraordinary as you work toward VIP status (Victory In Progress). We will discuss issues such as building resilience, the importance of self-care and letting go of the mask of perfection.

- This FREE event will be broadcasted LIVE on Nicole Brown Horston's personal Facebook page.

- This event is for you if you are tired of denying yourself what you deserve as you continuously put the needs of others before your own. 

When we feel better about who we are, flaws and all, we can change the rippling effect that keeps us stagnant and frustrated. It's time to expect better of ourselves and others around us. The speakers are Authors who transparently share their stories to provide help, spark hope, and support others in the healing process. We have designed this event to help you feel empowered to take charge of areas in your life with confidence. It’s time to #getNstep  and #SOAR as you gain clarity about your wellness and be intentional about your success. Join us on Saturday, November 16, at 8 PM (est), for an evening of motivation, helpful knowledge, and resources to boost your well-being.

Help: Author  La La Middleton shares tools dedicated to helping you navigate your world as she instructs you on how to find and awaken your authentic purpose.  Get your pens and pads ready to take notes on how to embrace change and get back on the road to destiny. Middleton is also a Purpose Coach, Entrepreneur, and Radio Personality from Charlotte, NC.

Hope: Amidst a divorce, Author Nawanda Turner of Charlotte, NC, learned a valuable lesson about her strength, which she was able to pass on to her children. Her story of Raising Championz as a single parent has helped many along their journey of beginning life again with renewed purpose. Turner is an Epic Certified Consultant and Entrepreneur.

Healing: Author Michelle Clark Robertson of Raleigh, NC knows firsthand, how a medical diagnosis can impact one's life. For years, Robertson never understood her mysterious condition until she took the advice of a friend. Gaining clarity helped her to free herself of past shame, heal areas in her life, and teach others how to do the same. 

Host, Nicole Horston shares the peaks and valleys that she has encountered along life's journeys. Using the SOAR technique she developed, Nicole will cheer you on to VIP status with Help, Hope, and Healing. 

Who should attend this event?
You should attend this event if you are going through the storms of life and seek support from others who will be open and honest with you about their personal stories. It is time to get real about what is holding you back and rewrite your story. Everyone is welcome to tune-in.

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Walking in Divine Favor, Volume I

A Book Of Inspiration

Hear inspirational stories from everyday people whose lives changed after experiencing unforeseen setbacks. Authors will share how lessons learned taught them to believe in someone higher than themselves. Join us at the Columbus, OH Book Signing on Sunday, December 1, at 3 PM at 5590 Karl Road, 43229. We will be in the Meeting Room until 4:30 PM.

Buy your copy in advance to prepare for the Q&A segment. If you own a copy, bring it with you to have it signed. In the "SHOP" tab, use PROMO code: SOAR for free delivery until December 1.


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